© Copyright Seren Metcalfe 2020

'Half Truths 1', Performance, Moving Image and Dmx, 2019

In collaboration with performers: Chloe Walker and Beth Dunne, with special thanks to Stan Welch and Annie Metzger.


This is the first visualisation of an ongoing narrative. The narrative tells the story of a group of bodies dressed in suits who begin their journey in the vast landscape of the Yorkshire moors. Their movements are fluid and follow the shapes of the hills.  The narrative follows a path of headings - moments of being human. From Liquid, Slime and breath to rhythm, transport and machines. The bodies move like microorganisms together as one. They begin to separate when entering the city. Their movements become more structured. The video's style is documentary like and the performers bring the bodies, narrative and movement out of the screen. The narrative tells the story of an understanding of the beginning of time to current capitalist climates. The story is kept personal with intertwined anecdotes and moments relating to travelling themes. Memories are produced in commodity. The body is compared to that of a machine and the city a factory. We are guided by the rhythm, the pace and the lighting to a personal but universal place.