'Who do you think you are?', 2019, Installation and performance

Performers: Fay Rushton Ryan, Stan Welch and Annie Metzger.


'Who do you think you are?' began as a spider diagram. My method of making art involves intense planning, thinking and organising - sometimes obsessive note making can stop me physically making. This piece was an attempt to bring ideas together into a space and view my head from the outside developing the way I make work. Televisions form part of the diagram. Ten clips play one after the other getting more and more intertwined. On top of that a performer shouts “Who do you think you are?, Ey?... Ey?, Who do you think you are"?  Another performer plays guitar and a third performer vapes. The vape clouds mimic that of a cheap smoke machine. Can many small separate ideas be joined by diagram and become one coherent work? This as about reproducing ideas and showing things that are not necessarily finished - Reusing, Regurgitating and recycling videos, sayings and memories to create a different experience. For me I don't think an artwork can ever be finished - It can constantly be used in a different way much like the idea it developed from.


A series of T-shirts were produced as part of this performance.

© Copyright Seren Metcalfe 2020