'A Large Scale print of the Yorkshire Moors', San Mei Gallery, 2019 

When I was younger I remember collecting the take away menus that would fall through the letter box, sitting my teddy bears in a circle in a pop up tent in my bedroom and giving them each a paper plate with chicken nuggets cut out of brown card and chips cut out of yellow. To me I was for filling my desire to run a real restaurant.  I find myself with a never ending list of ideas that have to be achieved to perfection for me to feel satisfied. The two main factors in not materialising ideas are time and money so when wanting to be productive I look back to childhood moments of making do. 

This piece was about making do with what you have. It can be hindering to be a perfectionist and make art with no budget at all. In my head I imagined a contemporary dancer moving to the sound of a pianist in front of a large format image of the Yorkshire moors. I didn’t have the time or funds for this so I learnt piano myself using only the black keys as they sounded ‘nice’ and getting a friend who was not a professionally trained dancer to move to certain musical cues. The audience were instructed to make wind sounds. 

© Copyright Seren Metcalfe 2020