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Authority, 2018

Character Development, Ongoing

A space to gather characters and ideas for projects in development mainly focusing on themes of Class, Masculinity and technology based on my own experiences.

Middle Class Mum, 2018

A story of a middle class mum whose vacuum cleaner takes a life of its own when she’s not home. The middle class mum character is a development of friends mums and overheard conversations. The audience first focus on the mum and then the vacuum cleaner takes the spotlight...

The vacuum makes its way to the pub where he meets a drunk man outside trying to start a fight with him. Much like the figure below. The drunk man shouts, "You want a fight mate, you want a fight?" repeatedly. The vacuum doesn't' respond. The audiences focus moves from the vacuum to the drunk man as his friends call him into the pub. We follow him into the pub.


(side note: There is something interesting about the transfer of energy between characters - the protagonist baton is passed on to the next character when they meet.)

Everything is constantly morphing. From object to body to building - the story passes through the bodies.

The drunk man works as a security guard during the day. His dream was to be in a boy band when he was younger but he chose football over drama because he didn't want the other lads to make fun of him. He's now stuck doing something he hates. He doesn't get paid much but he has the power to put people in their place - that is until he realises he has no power at all. We see a lot of anger in this character.

As he walks inside the pub the lights go down, and a karaoke song comes on. His friends cheer for him to go on stage. As the spotlight is on him he sings his heart out. 

The wooden figures which stand 6feet tall are laid out in a football team manor but also like that of a pop band. As a group they all represent the same man. Their job and their labour give them this power which fuels their masculine ego.

I imagine after the karaoke scene the man would have a go at the slots. There are four bodies. They are metal detectors. They thrust to the beep getting closer and closer to the jackpot. Just as the beeps climax, the performer to the far right moves his hips vigorously in circles and the sound of a jackpot can be heard. The spotlight comes on and the performer drops to his knees. He begins to cry, "I can't believe it. I've done it... I've won."...