CONTACT POINTS 2019 - Current

Contact points is a Series of Sound and Movement workshops run alongside artist Eleni Zachariou. The Workshops have previously been hosted at Tate Modern, Peak Gallery and Chisenhale Studios. 

They are free to attend and the next workshop will be advertised on our Instagram

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Notes on the project:

“I’m amazed by how the body can be this fluid thing emotionally and physically, when we are on the dance floor we can move our hips, necks, arms to a rhythm and our bodies flow with other bodies. When we cry, laugh or scream everything flows whether that's thoughts or tears. When we are intimate with others our bodies fit together fluidly, we release fluids, we drink fluids - there's always this flow of the natural body but then there are these other times where the body feels structured and rigid. When nervous our body jolts, our jaws clench - we form a distance between others. We walk through the city, the architecture, the structured buildings - we walk with the crowd. There is a certain rigidness there that interests me. We become like robots in the city, the buildings and technology make our movements and thinking more structured. We follow systems. We are in a crowd but no longer dancing together so our bodies fit. We walk together but we are alone.”


“We imagine a dystopian city - post climate crisis, a minimal industrial setting. The bodies act in routine of the city that left them behind. There are no jobs, no houses, no buildings. Only bodies remain. They try and carry on as normal with what they have left. The only thing left of the city are memories and the rhythm. The rhythm is something so powerful. It is the heartbeat of the city and the heartbeat of the body. In the city rhythm is embodied by the movement of people and the sounds of streets. In our bodies theres rhythm that keeps us alive. We breath to a rhythm. We walk to a rhythm. This is where the city and the body join. People fill the city and the rhythms collide. The rhythm slowly dies throughout the performance leading to exhaustion. To lose rhythm in its dramatic sense is to die. Death as a transfer of energy. Death of a body feeds back into the city. The rhythm dies when the city dies. If the city dies before the body the bodies feed off each other for the beat.  There are levels of exhaustion, acceptance and mourning. People are sweaty and mucky, it’s hot they’re thirsty. They only have each other. The bodies act as a metaphor for the city. They recreate what was once there. They are many bodies making up a singular body. They mimic the city. “

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Seren Metcalfe is a Multi-Disciplinary 

Artist and Writer from Yorkshire 

currently based in London.