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Originally made in 2019 - 2020 these 4 works are Concepts that are currently in development to be shown together in 2023

Television Studio


Labour, Time and Television; On the stage, everything is set out in stations much like a television studio. I imagine the moment on a talk show when the camera moves from the chat show host to the next station where the band will play. Three performers are on stage; The layout represents a clock face. A drummer placed at 12 o'clock, A dancer placed at 3 o'clock, and the actor placed at 9 o'clock. At 6 o'clock sits the audience completing the circle.


Coronation Street of Contemporary Dance


​The Video is a Montage of moments from the first episode of Coronation Street to Current episodes. The Montage depicts a timeline of working-class northern history from the 1960's till our current time through the eye of a TV screen. The depiction of time within soaps is of interest to me and how we can witness the highs and lows of emotions of an entire street within a 30-minute time frame summing up some kind of human experience throughout time. The television screen acts as a window into those moments of time where fictional narratives are formed from real-life experiences.



I walk home at night. I can’t help but peek into the windows of the houses I pass. Their televisions and bedroom lights illuminate the street. I feel drawn to watch. Indulging in micro-moments of strangers' and neighbours lives. I go home and watch the flats opposite. I watch the random codes of lights turning off and on. I watch hands raise up as goals are scored, I watch candles from birthday cakes being blown, fights, and moments of joy. They watch me too. The window acts as a Television screen - capturing these moments.


The Go Fuck Yourself Choir


​Lit up by smartphone torches, a Choir of voices repeat the words 'Go Fuck Yourself'