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'Fish Interlude'

shown as part of 'Dream Weavers'

A Group Exhibition featuring Seren Metcalfe, Jesse Pollock, Ernesto Renda, and Amba Sayal-Bennett


10th March - 9th April 2022

A conversation between 3 Fish; a conversation of rhythm, nature, and bodies, an exploration of existence, time, and Spotify algorithms.


It wasn't until my teens that I discovered there was more than just pop music and the Top 40 UK charts. I’d search endless hours on Wikipedia going through different genres obsessing over 50’s rock and roll, Neo-soul, and Riot Grrrls. Songs began to signify moments of my own history. Whilst writing the script I was working as an usher on Saturday Night Fever. My days were filled with research and learning how to wire electronics and my evenings were filled with a room of dreams, desires, and disco. 

The Paintings that accompany the work were produced from the research of movement and networks.

A journey of feeling, memories, getting lost and found again.

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