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'Hard Drives, Soft Walks'

Chemist Gallery

19 January – 19 February 2023

For the inaugural exhibition at ‘Chemist’, Martina O’Shea and Seren Metcalfe debut new work alongside a collaborative sound and light installation. ‘Hard Drives, Soft Walks’ is a mashed up journey of the two artists, from night clubs, to mud larking, glitching landscape, tv soaps, late night walks and half remembered dreams.


The center of the installation is a collaborative sound piece: two voices telling tales through radio static, located in an ever changing vista of London, Ireland and Yorkshire. Fields, birdsong hit against traffic jams and sirens, mummers and echos from tv sets counter to techno beats transformed into the bodhrans. City remains and construction materials, pop memorabilia and programmed lights are forming a ghostly, theatrical set of the ever in flux space between body place and time.

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