Seren Metcalfe is a Multi-Disciplinary Artist and Writer from Yorkshire currently based in London. 

Seren Metcalfe is a Multi-Disciplinary from North Yorkshire currently based in London.


Her research covers themes of Time, Labour, Energy, Routine and Structure. She is interested in the ways the body navigates through spaces and finds herself obsessively forming parallels between Cityscape and Landscape or the Natural vs the Mechanical. Her work also explores Fame, Television, Consumerism and Class and she interconnects these themes with personal memories, childhood narratives and anecdotes creating her own language to speak about personal experience and understanding of current existence.


Seren has just graduated from her BA at the Slade School of Fine Art and has previously shown work at The Royal Standard Liverpool, Studio 24 Leeds, and The Tate Modern, London. 


Seren runs Free, movement and sound workshops under the name Contact points with Artist Eleni Zachariou and is currently writing scripts for television and theatre with the Artist and Writer Billy Parker. She is the Founder of the Working Class Creatives Database.