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PHASE 1, 2021

Shown at The Slade School of Art, 2021

Prints for Sale via SEAM AGENCY

Installation, Paintings, Performance, Video, Soundtrack and DMX lighting

Prints available via SEAM Agency

Live Performers: Chloe Walker, Izzy Catterall, Sarah Baugsto, Chana Joyce, Julia Zlotnick
Sound: Louis Grace
Video Performers: Mina Owen, A Milejski, Florence Woolley, Chanelle Love, Beth Mellett. Liv Kisby, Theo Dunne, Moza Al Mazrouei, Shannon Roberts
Exhibition Documentation: Will Glass

Sublime vast Yorkshire Landscapes, Microorganisms Multiplying, Bodies moving as one entity to the shape of the green hills; the curvature mimicking the human figure. A constant exchange of energy through space, thoughts, and all living things. 
This is a journey of energy and the existence of time. Transport becomes a place of timelessness - where past, present, and future can exist on the same plane. 
(Our traditional sense of time is on a timeline and moves forward but the brain thinks back and forward and back again; I go out to drink a coffee and think about a memory of my first coffee whilst imagining a story where a character drinks coffee in the future. Whilst appearing to the crowd; the many, that I've just gone to a coffee shop, Me; the singular person has traveled back and forward in time whilst also maintaining periods existing in the present moment.)
The city is a factory, bodies work like machines, and movements become routines. Everything in time repeats itself; reshaping and reforming. I’m reminded of past memories at every word of fiction. A journey of becoming.