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Shown at The Slade School of Art, 2021

Live Performers: Chloe Walker, Izzy Catterall, Sarah Baugsto, Chana Joyce, Julia Zlotnick
Sound: Louis Grace
Video Performers: Mina Owen, A Milejski, Florence Woolley, Chanelle Love, Beth Mellett. Liv Kisby, Theo Dunne, Moza Al Mazrouei, Shannon Roberts
Exhibition Documentation: Will Glass

Sublime vast Yorkshire Landscapes, Microorganisms Multiplying, Bodies moving as one entity to the shape of the green hills; the curvature mimicking the human figure. A constant exchange of energy through space, thoughts, and all living things. 
This is a journey of energy and the existence of time. Transport becomes a place of timelessness - where past, present, and future can exist on the same plane. 

(Our traditional sense of time is on a timeline and moves forward but the brain thinks back and forward and back again; I go out to drink a coffee and think about a memory of my first coffee whilst imagining a story where a character drinks coffee in the future. Whilst appearing to the crowd; the many, that I've just gone to a coffee shop, Me; the singular person has traveled back and forward in time whilst also maintaining periods existing in the present moment.)
The city is a factory, bodies work like machines, and movements become routines. Everything in time repeats itself; reshaping and reforming. I’m reminded of past memories at every word of fiction. A journey of becoming. 
A journey of feeling, memories, getting lost and found again.

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