Seren Metcalfe is a Multi-Disciplinary Artist and Writer from Yorkshire currently based in London. 

PHASE 2, 2020

----COMING SOON -----

Phase two begins with the television box. Here lies Fame, Consumerism, pop culture, and class. It brings up interests in the factory production of people - especially within reality television and how fame is presented to the working classes as an ideal. We view everything as an audience -  thinking of production as stage production.

Rhythm manifests itself in Phase two through pop music. I look back at childhood memories of talent shows and over-sexualised dance routines, pop groups, and make over shows. Merchandise lives on two separate parallels. In one place business bosses make money from celebrities becoming faces of products. In another, a DIY pop band is attempts to sell their logo on a t -shirt to their groupies. T-shirts are used as a means of protest and an alternative way to get a message across to strangers. Phase two focuses more on specific individual characters looking at themes of masculinity within our class system and that in relation to fame and television.