© Copyright Seren Metcalfe 2020

Television Studio, 2020

In collaboration with performers Tarik Badwan and Stanley Welch


Television Studio looks at themes of labour and time within television. On the stage everything is set out in stations much like a television studio. I imagine the moment on a talk show when the camera moves from the chat show host to the next station where the band will play or on a game show where each obstacle is set out at a different platform of the circle but the camera films one station at a time so the audience views everything on a timeline. This layout also represents a clock face. There will be three performers and each will has their place in time. At 12 o’ clock we have the drummer. At 3 o’ clock (stage left) we have the dancer. At 6 o’clock we have the audience ( off stage)  and 9 o’clock (stage right) we have the actor - the cold caller.