Performed at The Bloomsbury Theatre, London

Actor: Tarik Badwan

Drummer: Stanley Welch

Television Studio looks at themes of labour and time within television. On the stage everything is set out in stations much like a television studio. I imagine the moment on a talk show when the camera moves from the chat show host to the next station where the band will play or on a game show where each obstacle is set out at a different platform of the circle but the camera films one station at a time so the audience views everything on a timeline. This layout also represents a clock face. There will be three performers and each will has their place in time. At 12 o’ clock we have the drummer. At 3 o’ clock (stage left) we have the dancer. At 6 o’clock we have the audience ( off stage)  and 9 o’clock (stage right) we have the actor - the cold caller. 

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Seren Metcalfe is a Multi-Disciplinary 

Artist and Writer from Yorkshire 

currently based in London.