Who are we?

There is a known absence of people from working class background in the creative arts with only 12.4% of the work force in creative industries from working class backgrounds. Art is a reflection of our time and If working class people are not given the opportunities their stories are not represented. The 'Working Class Creatives Database' is a platform to share and highlight the work of working class creatives.

What can I do to help? 

This database is about collaboration and opportunity. There are a wide range of creatives from artists and designers to actors, dancers and screenwriters If you are in need of a creative, have opportunities to share or are interested in collaborating with the creatives you can contact them via email on their profile pages.

How do I get Involved?

If you are a working class creative and would like to appear on the database please get in touch.

Tara Perry

Photographer and Visual artist

Heather Glazzard


Connor (trackie) Mcleod

Visual Artist

Ben Brumpton

Multidisciplinary Artist

Rowan Wigley

Filmmaker/ Videographer/ Set design/ Photographer

Kai Fiáin

Film, Sculpture, Moving Image

Fin Sales

Poet, photographer, videographer, painter

Darcy Mooney

Freelance Graphic Designer, Educator and Creative

Jon Rees

Photographer / Visual Artist

Chloe Walker

Contemporary dancer/ Performer/ Movement artist/ Choreographer

Charlie Tallott


Jessica Bebenek

Writer/ Bookmaker/ Interdisciplinary Artist

Give Poetry a Chance

All we are saying is... Give Poetry A Chance!

Grass magazine

Bi annual working class magazine

Bobby Benjamin


Laura Hessey


Ross Hammond

Multidisciplinary Artist

Rebecca Orr

Multidisciplinary artist


Babeworld is Georgina Tyson and Ashleigh Williams and the practice is multimedia and facilitation.

Craig David Parr



Visual Art and Activism about trans, disabled, and working class experiences

Rosie Piercy


Tommy Sissons

Poet, Fiction writer and Performer

Scarlett Kennedy


Jay Sutherland

Analog photographer, writer, zine maker, youth artist.

James Bethell

Artist and Actor

Emily Rose England

Documentary & Fashion photographer

Ella Fitzgerald

Interdisciplinary artist

Lolly Adams


Bethan Long


Alma Rosaz

Freelance fashion photographer


Contemporary performance/theatre maker

Chanelle Love

Interdisciplinary artist

Leah Wareham

Documentary & Lifestyle photographer

Elizabeth Luffman


Wes Foster

Photographer and Writer

Shona Sterland

Photographer and Visual artist

Aaron Peever


Karolina Dworska


Patrick Garvey


Melissa Mitchell

Visual Artist & Photographer

Gabriella Davies

Maker of paintings, sculptures, installations, and short films

Wank collective

Working Class Artists Network

Alisha Brocklebank

Photographer/film-maker with an interest in investigating the link between individual presence and human connection.

Casey Wait

Illustrator and Writer

Evangeline Harrison

Prop making and Puppetry.

Emily O’Sullivan

Writer & editor

Jon Edgley

Visual artist and Curator

Martin Swan

I create assemblages.

Gullu Kandrou

Interdisciplinary Artist/ Poetess




Contemporary theatre-maker/Experimental Live Artist/Curator

Daniel Jacques- Kershaw


Corie McGowan


Charlotte Elliott

Menswear Fashion Designer

Kain Behan

Artist, photographer and filmmaker

Iwana Cristal

Fashion & Portrait Photographer

Amber Brown

Photographer & Printmaker

James Hazel

Artist, composer, writer, and independent researcher

Courtney McMahon

Artist, Playwright, Graphic Designer, Co-Artistic Director of Ghosted Ink Arts Collective and Supervisor of Bellingham Film Palace

Chloë Louise Lawrence

Artist and Arts educator

Warren Harper

Curator and Researcher

Greg E Myers

Artist working with print, digital mediums, video and music

Abi Charlesworth

Multi disciplinary artist

Vittoria Camila Vilela Cogorno

Natural dyes / Tapestries / Ritual/ Performance

Sarah Crewe

Experimental poet

Abi Haywood/ Snotty Bitch

Multimedia artist

Rachelle Cox

Visual Artist

Cherish Marshall

Multidisciplinary Artist

Molly Kent

Textile/fibre artist working in the medium of rug tufting.

Laura Mason


Dylan Leddington

Drawings and Paintings

Megan Smith

Painter/ Sculptor

Sadie Aston

Painting and Drawing

Kat Outten

Mixed media artist and Designer

Lewis Buttery