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Courtney McMahon

Artist, Playwright, Graphic Designer, Co-Artistic Director of Ghosted Ink Arts Collective and Supervisor of Bellingham Film Palace


"Courtney McMahon is a multidisciplinary artist and theatre maker. Born, raised and based in South East London. Courtney’s disciplines include painting, playwriting, poetry, directing, producing and photography. Courtney’s work circulates the themes of class, foster care, family and isolation. After winning a scholarship to study Drama and Theatre Arts at Goldsmiths University of London, it was during her studies she co-produced Ghosted Ink: Arts Collective, an all-female theatre company whom write, produce, devise their own pieces as well as supporting other artists alike. The company have taken shows to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe & Camden Fringe. One of Ghosted Ink’s shows: BEIGE WALLS & NAVY SOFAS was written and performed by Courtney, a show which explores her mother becoming a Fostercarer and her relationship with her foster sister ‘Jess’. The show received 5 stars during its run at the 2019 Camden Fringe Festival. Courtney and Ghosted Ink plan to develop BEIGE WALLS & NAVY SOFAS alongside other plays which explore the world of Foster Care and working class families. Visually, Courtney has created a variety of drawings, painting and sculptures. Since focusing on her career in the Theatre Arts, she had took a short break from painting/drawing. She began incorporating her visual skills into graphic design, specifically for marketing purposes. Courtney secures the bread by managing Bellingham Film Palace, a new independent cinema. In which she has began hosting her own events/screenings. For the future she plans to work with the cinema to support independent artists & film makers. She would also like to put on a theatre show there, but has not yet asked Head Office, so that’s between us ;) Contact email: Cinema contact email (for pitching events): Ghosted Ink: Arts Collective:"