Lewis Buttery


London/ Leicester

"I started practicing as an artist self-taught in 2013 and was doing it as catharsis for a long time, with expressionism being my biggest influence. My work was negatively affecting people, because i was making it as a release of negative thoughts and emotions in response to struggles with my mental health. I went to art school and learned the effect it was having because, inspired by street art, I was starting to take my work in a text-based direction and realised that people internalise what they read. I decided to try to promote positivity by making work writing affirmations, but then putting that work in public displays. The biggest part of my practice is portrait painting though, so I'm planning to explore promoting positivity with stuff like imagery, mark-making and use of colour as well as trying to combine portrait painting with the text part of my practice. For context I've looked at contemporary artists Ed Ruscha, Tim J Fowler and Jonjo Elliot, the latter two are from my home city of Leicester."