Contact Points, 2019 - 2020

Contact points is a Series of Sound and Movement workshops run alongside artist Eleni Zachariou, with a focus on accessibility and the shared interests in bodily communications and collective movement within the urban landscape. The Workshops have previously been hosted at Tate Modern, Peak Gallery and Chisenhale Studios. The Workshops will inform a future performance.

Our practices span different cultural objects and practices but align in their centring of the relationships between identity and body. We are both interested in how our experience of identity as a social category can be used to establish a dialogue with our audience through forms of technology, performance and linguistic slippage; often attempting to draw attention to the absurd notion of identity as an essential or fixed nature.

A year and a half ago, we started to develop a narrative for a group performance which centred the body, and its relationship to its environment. During our collaborative writing sessions, we began fixating on the antagonisms manifested in these body environment relationships, finding many to be symptoms of labour conditions under capitalism. Other themes that arose were the issues surrounding ecological collapse, how it affects communities and how we can imagine alternatives to our unsustainable present reality. 
For a performance we imagine a city that still follows the structures and routines of contemporary life but has no physical form; everything that remains is in the body and the memories of the space that was once there. We plan to use lighting, voices and movement to sculpt the space in the absence of the material, playing into the tensions implicit to an unstable presence: to that of the ghost.

When we started writing this narrative at the beginning of 2019 neither of us could have imagined the ways in which the world would change. Our main themes have become globally prevalent issues and in these difficult times we think it is important to foster relationships of community care and inspire people to imagine the alternatives. While our performance may not be direct, material activism, we think that art can serve as an arena for imagining, not for generating new possibilities, but for seeing the ones that were already there.