Large Scale Print of the Yorkshire Moors, 2019

Concept Visualisation 

Professional Contemporary Dancer: Fay Rushton Ryan, Wind Sounds: Audience

The Scene is set with the audience instructed to make wind sounds as if sat on a peak of The Yorkshire Moors. As I begin to make up a song on the black keys of the piano (for the simple reason that it sounds better and is harder to make a mistake) a Professional Contemporary Dancer (who is not professional at all) begins to dance to the music. 

Sometimes its about the idea of a moment rather than the physical moment itself. 

When I was younger I remember collecting the take away menus that would fall through the letter box, sitting my teddy bears in a circle in a pop up tent in my bedroom and giving them each a paper plate with chicken nuggets cut out of brown card and chips cut out of yellow. To me I was for-filling my desire to run a real restaurant. 

I find myself with a never ending list of ideas that have to be achieved to perfection for me to feel satisfied. The two main factors in not materialising ideas are time and money so when wanting to be productive I look back to childhood moments of making do. 

This piece was about making do with what you have - reimagining work so it is able to be materialised even with no budget (something I like to call purposefully shit) - replacing something and trusting the creativity of others to imagine what could have been in its place.