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Installation, Paintings, Performance, Video and DMX lighting


Sublime vast Yorkshire Landscapes, Microorganisms Multiplying, Bodies moving as one entity to the shape of the green hills; the curvature mimicking the human figure. A transfer of energy into Humans, Birds, Foxes, and Fish.

Movement and routine. The city is a Factory. Body Vs Machine. 

Everything in time repeats itself, reshaping and reforming. I’m reminded of past memories at every word of fiction. This is a journey of becoming.

Prints available via SEAM Agency

Live Performers: Chloe Walker, Izzy Catterall, Sarah Baugsto, Chana Joyce, Julia Zlotnick
Sound: Louis Grace
Video Performers: Mina Owen, A Milejski, Florence Woolley, Chanelle Love, Beth Mellett. Liv Kisby, Theo Dunne, Moza Al Mazrouei, Shannon Roberts
Exhibition Documentation: Will Glass




HALF TRUTHS is a Publication housing a collection of daily passings - a mixture of daily strolls and daily scrolls gathered into an autobiographical archive. It attempts to be research; to explain things, and act as a navigation system for my thought processes as well as being a directory of current artworks. All thoughts within the book are placed within categories such as time, labour, body language, and fame. 

Book Design: Matthew Clark and Veronika Marxer

Limited 2nd editions available to buy via:
Kindred Ldn 
Goodpress Glasgow

South London Gallery

This book was also selected for New Contemporaries 2021


UCL EAST Artist in Residence

2019 - 2020

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In September 2019 I was appointed Artist in residence for a year long residency at UCL EAST to create work alongside the development of the new UCL site in Stratford. Throughout the year I  immersed myself in the building and development of the site, gathering research with the intention of creating a performance with East London dancers displaying my findings through movement. Due to Covid19 the performance was unable to take place and is still under development. I have recently been commissioned to create a permanent piece based on my research for the new UCL buidling, with potential for the performance to take place in 2022.

Contact Points

Sound and Movement Workshops

2019 - 2020

Contact points is a Series of Sound and Movement workshops run alongside artist Eleni Zachariou, with a focus on accessibility and the shared interests in bodily communications and collective movement within the urban landscape. The Workshops have previously been hosted at Tate Modern, Peak Gallery and Chisenhale Studios. The Workshops will inform a future performance.

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Script Writing

Television and Theatre Scripts

2018 - Current

Notable works currently in production
Contact Seren_metcalfe@hotmail.co.uk for Sample Scripts.

2020 - Current
Don't Forget to Feed Gary - A Dark Comedy drama Series Written with Billy Parker. 
2019 - Current
Petrol - A Play written with Billy Parker 
​2018 - Current
STI (Sorry to Intrude) - A Web Series Pilot written with Lucky Christie 


Television Studio

Concept for development


Television Studio looks at themes of labour and time within television. On the stage everything is set out in stations much like a television studio. I imagine the moment on a talk show when the camera moves from the chat show host to the next station where the band will play. Or on a game show where each obstacle is set out at a different platform of the circle but the camera films one station at a time so the audience views everything on a continuous timeline.  The layout represents a clock face. Three performers are on stage. A drummer placed at 12 o'clock, A dancer placed at 3 o'clock and the actor/ cold caller placed at 9 o'clock. At 6 o'clock sits the audience completing the circle. 

Coronation Street of Contemporary Dance

Concept for development


This Video acts as a concept for a live choreographed performance with a projection. The Video is a Montage of moments from the first episode of Coronation Street to Current episodes. The Montage depicts a timeline of working class northern history from the 1960's till our current time through the eye of a TV screen. These moments will be turned into a chain of movements to create choreography for two dancers to perform live next to the video.  The depiction of time within soaps is of interest to me and how we can witness these highs and lows of emotions of an entire street within a 30 minute time frame summing up some kind of human experience throughout time. The television screen acts as a window into those moments of time where fictional narratives are formed from real life experiences. 

The Go Fuck Yourself Choir

Concept for development


Lit up by smartphone torches, a Choir of voices repeat the words 'Go Fuck Yourself'



Concept for development


I walk home at night. I can’t help but peak into the windows of the houses I pass. Their televisions and bedroom lights illuminate the street. I feel drawn to watch. Indulging on micro- moments of strangers and neighbours lives. I go home and watch the flats opposite. I watch the random codes of lights turning off and on. I watch hands raise up as goals are scored, I watch candles from birthday cakes being blown, fights and moments of joy. They watch me too. The window acts as a television screen - capturing these moments. 

'Video In collaboration with Ella Turner- Bridger and Fay Rushton- Ryan.



2017 - Current

Since 2017 I have been attempting to appear in television audiences with T-shirts spelling out the phrase: 'WERE ALL JUST TRYING TO GET BY'.