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Installation, Anamatronic Fish Sculptures, Paintings, Soundtrack


​Three Fish begin a journey through existence, Time, and Spotify algorithms. 

"It wasn't until my teens that I discovered there was more than just Pop music and the Top 40 UK charts. I’d search endless hours on Wikipedia going through different genres obsessing over 50’s Rock and roll, Neo-soul, and Riot Grrrls. Songs began to signify moments of my own history. Whilst writing the script for this Installation I was working every night as an usher on Saturday Night Fever. My days were filled with research and learning how to wire electronics and my evenings filled with a room of dreams, desires, and disco..."

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Previously shown at Grove Collective, Battersea



Installation, Paintings, Performance, Video, Soundtrack and DMX lighting


Sublime vast Yorkshire Landscapes, Microorganisms Multiplying, Bodies moving as one entity to the shape of the green hills; the curvature mimicking the human figure. A constant exchange of energy through space, thoughts, and all living things. 
This is a journey of energy and the existence of time. Transport becomes a place of timelessness - where past, present, and future can exist on the same plane. 

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Prints available via SEAM Agency

Live Performers: Chloe Walker, Izzy Catterall, Sarah Baugsto, Chana Joyce, Julia Zlotnick
Sound: Louis Grace
Video Performers: Mina Owen, A Milejski, Florence Woolley, Chanelle Love, Beth Mellett. Liv Kisby, Theo Dunne, Moza Al Mazrouei, Shannon Roberts
Exhibition Documentation: Will Glass




HALF TRUTHS is a Publication housing a collection of daily passings - a mixture of daily strolls and daily scrolls gathered into an autobiographical archive. 

Book Design: Matthew Clark and Veronika Marxer

Limited 2nd editions available to buy via:
Kindred Ldn 
Goodpress Glasgow

South London Gallery London
Village Books Leeds

This book was also selected for New Contemporaries 2021 and displayed at First Site, Colchester and South London Gallery